Cappadocia University (KÜN) aims to develop novel approaches for the environmental and cultural heritage of  the  Cappadocia region supported  by its  natural  and cultural  sustainability  policies,  aided  by  the  internal  and  external stakeholders. KÜN sustainability policies are designed in accordance with the KÜN Contribution to Society Objectives and Principles Policy Paper, as well as our mission, vision, and fundamental values.

KÜN prioritizes two main subjects in its sustainability policies. The first is the support of natural and cultural sustainability through educational and research activities. Educational programs at all levels include classes on environmental and cultural issues. The KÜN Scientific Research Projects Commission and the KÜN Scientific Research and Publication Ethics Commission provide additional support to the projects prioritizing sustainability.

Another subject which KÜN prioritizes in the context of sustainability relates to the protection of natural resources. KÜN follows comprehensive policies in energy, water, environment,  and  food issues,  with  an  understanding  of  the  nexus  between them,  and works  with  its stakeholders in activities aimed at minimizing any negative impacts of humans on natural and cultural life. To this end, KÜN takes the necessary measures and provides its internal and external stakeholders with the opportunity to contribute to and take an active part in sustainability efforts and initiatives.