KÜN Sustainability Commission’s Objectives

In accordance with the relevant internal governing documents* of Cappadocia University, the general objectives of KÜN Sustainability Commission are to create awareness about natural and cultural sustainability on the part of collegiate and external partners and stakeholders, and to plan, monitor, report, and assess sub-activities that encourage and support sustainability. The specific objectives of the Commission as regards the main impact areas that are aligned with the general objectives are as follows:

Setting and Infrastructure

The development and expansion of open spaces, areas covered in forests and planted vegetation, as well as water absorbent surfaces on Cappadocia University campuses

Energy and Climate Change

The increase of the usage of energy efficient appliances and the number of renewable energy sources; the minimization of the institutional carbon footprint on Cappadocia University campuses


The reduction of the use of paper and plastic, and the development and wide implementation of recycling programs for organic and inorganic wastes on Cappadocia University campuses


The installation of the infrastructure components necessary for water conservation and recycling, and the development and wide implementation of customized water conservation and recycling programs on Cappadocia University campuses


The reduction of private vehicle traffic, the increase of public transportation use, the increase of the number of zero emission vehicles, and the development and expansion of the structural and infrastructural components toward minimizing transportation-generated carbon footprint on Cappadocia University campuses

Education and R&D

The creation of awareness about natural and cultural sustainability through curricular and extra-curricular activities (courses, publications, student organizations), as well as through research and development projects, and the qualitative and quantitative improvement of these activities and projects on Cappadocia University campuses


*Cappadocia University Green Cappadocia Policy Paper, Cappadocia University Sustainability Commission Directives,  Cappadocia University Strategic Plan (2018-2023).