Environmental Sustainability Leadership Award

Definition and Criteria

The Environmental Sustainability Leadership Award aims to support the achievements of senior students who have demonstrated outstanding success in participating in environmental sustainability projects and conducting awareness-raising activities for the development of ecological awareness throughout their university education.

The purpose of this award is to encourage the education of competent and ecologically sensitive students who can propose sustainable solutions to the ecological crisis, which is one of the top priorities of the global agenda in our age.

Environmental sustainability studies include the projects, applications, and research on sustainable energy, pollution, waste management, animal rights, natural agriculture and production, food security, ecological architecture, ecological economy, sustainable cities, etc. Awareness-raising activities for the development of ecological awareness include activities and projects aimed at making the importance of these issues understandable in the context of the climate crisis, raising awareness with the support of various cultural tools, and promoting lifestyles and daily practices that are more compatible with the natural environment.

Senior students can apply for the Environmental Sustainability Leadership Award by documenting their activities on or off campus during their education period.

The award is given to one student annually in the amount of 3,000 TL for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Senior students who have contributed to environmental sustainability studies, creating ecological sensitivity and awareness, designing and conducting projects on the following issues during their education period can apply for this award:

  • Participating in environmental sustainability studies conducted across the university
  • Designing projects for environmental sustainability across the university and/or carrying out academic studies
  • Organizing awareness-raising activities and/or projects to increase ecological sensitivity and awareness across the university
  • Participating in the activities of non-governmental organizations working outside the university with a focus on environmental sustainability and ecological sensitivity
  • Designing activities and projects focusing on developing environmental sustainability and ecological awareness outside the university

Required Application Documents:

  • An application letter in which the candidate explains why he or she deserves this award, expresses the effects and results of his or her environmental sustainability and ecological awareness activities, and talks about their future predictions in this field
  • Proof documents such as activity reports, activity documents, news, activity visuals etc. for each study in accordance with the specified criteria
  • If requested, reference letters from the authorized persons of the activities carried out, from the instructors of the relevant courses, and from the consultants evaluating the performance of the candidate in this field

P.S. Applicants must send the above-mentioned documents to the e-mail address of the KÜN Sustainability Commission (eko@kapadokya.edu.tr) until 31 March each year.

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