Ecocene: Cappadocia Journal of Environmental Humanities is a digital, open-access, peer-reviewed, international, and transdisciplinary journal of the Environmental Humanities. It is a biannual journal, publishing a Winter issue in December and a Summer issue in June. It aims to develop new insights and theories about the current material and conceptual challenges in the field. Since the complexities and questions raised by ecological and social changes, as well as pressures from global climatic crises, demand interrelated re-workings of humanities disciplines and social and natural sciences, the journal invites submissions that transcend disciplinary categories, allowing us to rethink and reimagine the human-nonhuman relationalities on our damaged planet to ensure a livable future. It will thus seek articles that move beyond species-centered parameters and contest anthropocentric conceptions of reality. Recognizing the relevance and value of deep time experiences of social, cultural and environmental changes, Ecocene addresses the present and future challenges facing our planet. The journal also invites new Anthropocene stories, poetry, artwork and other creative works that advance our cognitive, imaginative and ethical capabilities. The purpose of Ecocene therefore is to create a space for transdisciplinary research and new modes of knowledge in what Donna Haraway calls “collaborative” but also “competitive entanglements” of human-nonhuman worlds.

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