Cappadocia University’s efforts regarding the management of drinking, utility and waste water are planned and implemented under the Cappadocia Water program. The main activity areas of this program are:

  • Developing applications and policies that are based on the saving and recycling of water
  • Erecting information boards and signs detailing the water management program in various locations on campuses to ensure that the students, administrative personnel and faculty members are kept informed
  • Utilization of water collected naturally through rainwater harvesting applications, and the use of the water obtained from rainwater harvesting for the irrigation of the green areas, to support the growth of the trees and plants on campuses
  • Use of permeable materials in construction and landscaping to allow the return of rainwater to the soil
  • Use of water-saving appliances and machinery on campuses
  • Provision of personnel with the necessary training to reduce water consumption in cleaning, and the determination of the procedures accordingly
  • Taking the necessary measures to reduce the production of waste water on campuses, and to treat and rehabilitate toxic, chemically or biologically polluted water
  • Taking the necessary measures to prevent evaporation and to ensure efficient irrigation, with methods such as drip irrigation