Nisan Bahar Kuruçay, a second year student in the Aviation Electric and Electronics program of the School of Applied Sciences of Cappadocia University, has won the Environmental Sustainability Leadership Award for 2022.

Aside from serving as the president of the Cappadocia University Mountaineering and Cycling Society, Nisan Bahar Kuruçay has been involved in many environmental sustainability activities over the course of her education that have contributed to her winning the award, including:

  • 10.12.2021,    Climate Ambassador University Representative Election
  • 11.11.2021,      National Afforestation Day Sapling Planting “From Seed to Tree”
  • 11.12.2021,     International Mountain Day Cycling Tour with the Mountaineering Society
  • 17.06.2022,    World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought Nature and Youth Afforestation with TEMA
  • 03.06.2022,   World Cycling Day Cycling Tour to Damsa Dam with the Mountaineering Society
  • 02.06.2022,   Nevşehir Special Provincial Administration Information Seminar on Stray Animals Project
  • 16.05.2022,    Sustainable Tourism in Türkiye and Around the World
  • 14.05.2022,    Mustafapaşa Environment Cleaning
  • 22.04.2022,    Cappadocia Sustainability Talks: Environmental Policies in Türkiye
  • 25.03.2022,    Electronic Waste Collection Competition
  • 08.03.2022,   March 8 Sapling Planting Activity
  • 05.03.2022,    Visit to Sultan Reeds National Park
  • 22.01.2022,    Çat Valley Walk with the Nature Society